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Microsoft has always been dedicated to developing the best products for its customers. This is why the Xbox series rapidly has become one of the best entertainment consoles of all time, along with the PlayStation. 

To continue your playtime on consoles, you can use an Xbox gift card. This is an online code used to fund your account and make purchases in the Microsoft store (Xbox live required). Long story short, it’s money exchanged for a card that you can use to buy games.

Let’s have a look at some more information.

What Can You Buy With an Xbox Gift Card?

An Xbox Gift Card allows you to buy much more than just games. You can also get apps, movies, and TV shows. And if you don’t have an Xbox to use, you can go to the store with your Microsoft account and make eligible purchases of these products. Paid subscriptions are required to get top deals.

Of course, you can also use gift cards as a way to create balance restrictions on your children if they spend a lot of money.

When you are buying, you have to consider the country and balance restrictions and internet connection fees. These factors will tailor what you can purchase, which means that exclusions apply.

Where Can I Spend a Gift Card?

You need to select Microsoft digital stores to start using your cards. You can redeem them on your PC or Xbox, purchasing goods like:

  • Map packs.
  • Add ons.
  • Game accessories.
  • Latest games.
  • Full paid subscriptions.
  • Paid events.
  • Movies.

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When you buy one of our Xbox gift cards, prices vary according to the card’s value. Some taxes may apply by law.


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How Do You Redeem a Gift Card?

After buying and getting your gift card codes, you need to go online and sign in to with your Microsoft account. Use the 25 digits of your codes issued and click next.

Remember that once you’ve redeemed it, you can only use it in the account you signed in and can’t be converted into money.

Now, if you are using a device that uses Windows, like tablets, a phone, or the usual laptop/desktop, you can use the Microsoft app to convert your code. You only need to:

  • Go to the store in the taskbar.
  • Sign in with the account you want to use.


Age restrictions apply when you are purchasing online.

  • Look at the top right corner and find the initials of your account.

Values of the cards may change without notice.

  • Click and select “Redeem code or gift cards” and fill the 25-digit line with the code.


Sometimes the store can take its time in the loading screen.