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This is an Xbox One and PC version of the game.   About Forza Horizon 4 Forza Horizon 4 is the fourth...

This is an Xbox One and PC version of the game.


About Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4 is the fourth sequence of the Forza Horizon saga but the eleventh game of the entire franchise, which also includes Forza Motorsport. Exclusively developed for the Microsoft platforms, the Forza Horizon features over 450 cars that are playable in over 200 races set in a variety of environments, ranging from short sprints to long endurance events.

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Game Information

Release Date

September 28, 2018,


Xbox Games Studios

Content Rated


Game Modes

Single-player Multiplayer Online

Player Perspectives

Third Person Perspective




Cars, Open-World


PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Android

Forza Horizon 4 Story and Game Modes

Forza Horizon 4 doesn’t have much of a story to talk about in the game campaign. As for the open-world race games, the developer (Playground Games) didn’t put too much effort into its development. 

After finishing the prologue, players can go to the Horizon Life, a session that includes up to 72 players on the same map. There are 40 different activities that will help players to win influence points and, through them, level up.

The game also features the Forzathon challenges, which are special timed events with solo weekly and daily challenges as well as hourly multiplayer challenges. They give the Forzathon points that players can spend in the Forzathon shop.

Forza Horizon 4 and its successor, Forza Horizon 5, have a special game mode called The Eliminator, which is the Battle Royalle mode for Forza Horizon. Up to 72 players face each other in a shrinking arena until only one player is left. Forza Horizon 4 also brings you the route creator, where you can design and share your point-to-point or circuit races.

Forza Horizon 4 Gameplay Car drifting in a race

Forza Horizon 4 Features

The expectations around every Forza Horizon game are always really high. Considered an awesome car game and one of the greatest racing franchises of all time, the Forza Horizon games have to bring a new set of features to keep the status. It’s no different for Forza Horizon 4, with the game introducing numerous novelties. 

The first thing to stand out is the dynamic seasons. That said, seasons change inside the game, influencing driving conditions, unlocking new events and routes, and changing the open-world exploration.

This season change forces players to adapt themselves and learn how to drive in dry, wet, muddy, snowy, and icy conditions. The dynamic seasons are an important feature that doesn't let the game become repetitive. All that transforms the entire gameplay and impacts choices made on your path to becoming a Horizon superstar.

The driving game gives you complete freedom to explore beautiful scenarios in a giant open world set in historic Britain. Alongside it, Forza Horizon has a shared world, which means that you will be experiencing the game together with other players. 

Besides, Forza Horizon 4 features the three traditional game modes, allowing players to go solo, cooperative or online. The campaign is also available for one or more players to go together. In the online modes, players enjoy, once again, the shared world.

Forza Horizon gives you plenty of customization options and features one of the biggest car rosters ever made. The game includes over 450 vehicles from more than 110 licensed manufacturers.


Forza Horizon 4 steam cd Barrett-Jackson car

Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Add-Ons 

After purchasing the standard edition of Forza Horizon 4, European customers can also enrich the game with Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Add-Ons. While the standard edition includes only the Formula Drift Car Pack, the other version of the race title does support it and many other new features, DLC, and bonus content to have fun with.

The Formula Drift Car Pack is a DLC that you can find with some standard versions of Forza Horizon besides the Ultimate Add-Ons. It guarantees you 7 different exclusive new cars driven by Formula D race drivers.

On the other hand, this Forza Horizon 4 game version CD key provides you with:

  • The Forza Horizon 4 Car Pass
  • Best of Bond Car Pack
  • VIP Membership Access
  • Formula Drift Car Pack
  • Fortune Island
  • Lego Speed Champions 

The Forza Horizon 4 Car Pass

This DLC pass is available only for Deluxe Edition and Ultimate Edition. When players buy it, they will receive two cars per week, totaling 42 cars at the end of 21 weeks to collect.

Best of Bond Car Pack

This DLC pack includes ten of the best cars used by the Spy James Bond on the movie series, two exclusive outfits, and two new quick chat phrases.


Forza Horizon 4 James Bond Car

Forza Horizon 4 VIP Membership

This DLC guarantees you some benefits, like double credits earnings from races, weekly super wheelspins, VIP emote, and Gamertag Crown. Besides that, it gives you three exclusive Forza edition cars, access to the Player House, and five customizations items.

Fortune Island

This DLC has brought new objectives and races to the Forza Horizon 4 racing game, 10 new cars, and a new song to the Horizon bass arena.

Forza Horizon 4 Lego Speed Champions

This is one of the biggest DLC released for Forza Horizon 4. It features an entire Lego valley inside the game, containing:

  • Lego City (Brickchester)
  • Lego Speed Champions Race Track (Falcoon Speedway)
  • Lego Stunt Park
  • Lego Airport
  • Lego UFO Crash Site
  • Lego Pirate Cover
  • Lego Dinosaur Dig site
  • Lego Master Builder’s House (Player House)
  • Lego Brick Challenge Campaign (with Lego Speedramps and Destruction Challenges)
  • Five new Cars
  • Other things such as songs, customization items, achievements, etc.

Forza Horizon 4 Lego race


Hardware Requirements for Forza Horizon

Minimum System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 10
    • CPU: Intel I3 4170 3.7GHz or Intel I5 750 2.67GHz
    • RAM: 8 GB
    • Graphics: Nvidia 650TI or Nvidia GT 740 or AMD R7 250X
    • Dedicated RAM: 2GB

    Recommended System Requirements for Dead by Daylight (PC)

  • OS: Windows 10
    • CPU: Intel I7 3820 3.6GHz
    • RAM: 12 GB
    • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 970 or Nvidia GTX 1060 3GB or AMD R9 290x or AMD RX 470
    • Dedicated RAM: 12 GB

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    Activation Details

    As an Xbox Live and Microsoft exclusive game, the well-known PC platforms won’t help you this time. That means you don’t need to access an Epic or Steam account to download Forza Horizon 4 - you will need only your Microsoft account. Since you receive your game directly on your email, the fastest way to get it is through your Microsoft Store account. Let’s see how to redeem it on their platform.

    • Log into your Microsoft Store. 
    • While on the home page, click on the three dots option at the top right corner. It’s located right beside your avatar picture.

    How to activate Forza Horizon 4 Xbox/PC CD Key step one

    • Select the fourth option “Redeem a code.” The window with the indicated space for the CD Key will appear. 
    • Enter your 25 characters key there. Afterward, the game will be available in your library. From there, you just need to make the download and start to play Forza Horizon 4

    How to activate Forza Horizon 4 Xbox/PC CD Key step two

    Remember that with RoyalCDKeys you can buy Forza Horizon 4 in a play anywhere version. That means you can play on your PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. But, to do so, you will need to have installed the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition update on your PC and the latest update on your Xbox console, no matter what of them you have.

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